Five Myths About Cleaning


We are all guilty of turning a blind eye to the dirty places in our home once in a while. But don't fool yourself into considering you may get away with one of these common missteps at all times.

1.Vinegar is miracle-working. It cleans everything.
Vinegar may etch natural stone, could damage the finish on hardwood floors, and seriously isn't great at removing certain stains, like these.

2.Wearing shoes inside your home doesn't track in an excessive amount of dirt.
Actually, using dirt-gripping doormats and leaving shoes at the door are the smartest actions you can take to cut down on the quantity of dust and grime that gets into your house.

3.I don't need to empty my vacuum's bag until it's full.   
You'd think this might be true; nevertheless, you should dump the dust after the bag is three-quarters full. In any other case, the vacuum's suction may not be strong.

4.My kitchen sink gets clean when I wash dishes.
As you scrub your pans and pots as well as cutting board you used to slice raw meat, grime and bacteria adhere to your sink's walls. To make it clean, you need to give the sink your attention.

5.Changing my bed linens once a week is too much.
Essential oil from your body builds up on your own linens (that could ultimately cause your skin to breakout), and as time passes dust mites shall take up in your sheets, that could aggravate allergies.  Therefore for a really clean mattress you should change and wash them at least every week.

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